Healthcare Influencer Marketing Case study

Healthcare influencer marketing case study
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Healthcare Influencer Marketing Case study

Benefits of Influencer Marketing in Healthcare

Patient influencers present the opportunity to completely redefine the way Healthcare is marketed. As discussed in our article ‘Benefits of influencer marketing in Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals’, influencers bring authenticity, originality and the opportunity for patients to co-create value. In this post we discuss a healthcare Influencer Marketing Case study of Hair transplant marketing.

Imagine you are contemplating cosmetic surgery, say a hair transplant, but are unsure which clinic to choose. The risks associated with the purchase are high, both financially and physically, so assuring you choose the right clinic is vital.

Patient influencers can provide an invaluable real-life insight into the process. This allows potential clients to understand exactly what the procedure involves from a patient’s perspective.

It’s important that the patient is genuine, and not told what to say or do. A patients unbiased view is perceived as more trustworthy than a company salesman’s or a paid actor’s. Considering the risk involved with the procedure, this impartial perspective can help to reassure potential clients.

Hair Transplant Influencer Case study

1) Youtube Patient Journey Video

The value of video content marketing is yet to be realised in Healthcare. The screenshot below is taken from a video entitled ‘Richards Story’. The video details the patient-pathway from initial consultation through to post procedure care.

Importantly, the video includes Richard’s personal reasons behind opting for a hair transplant. Disclosing this information allows viewers to form an emotional connection with Richard, as they themselves may be experiencing similar issues of low confidence/ self-esteem.

For most, cosmetic procedures such as hair transplants are confusing and difficult to understand. Producing a patient pathway video allows patients to gain a valuable insight into the medical process of the procedure in an easy to understand format.

Allowing comments and likes on such videos also encourages patients to ask questions, creating a space where patient-to-patient discussion can flourish.

2) Online Hair Transplant Blogs

Online Blogs provide potential clients with easy to read content surrounding the hair transplant procedure. The benefit of producing blogs over videos is that they are easier to publish, lower-cost and quicker to produce.

For clients who want to find more detailed information, or just prefer consuming written over visual content, high quality blogs are invaluable. Furthermore, the added SEO benefit of regular content production cannot be overstated.

As with video content, blogs can be used to document a patient’s surgical experience from initial consultation to post-treatment care. As the full results of a hair transplant procedure can take up to 12 months to be seen, regular blog posts are an effective way of documenting the lengthy recovery process.

Patients demand high-quality post-purchase customer care and blog posts can be used as an online portal dedicated to answering any questions a client may have. The greater the number of patients that visit your website to find these answers, the less time you need to dedicate to costly follow ups or phone calls.

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