Benefits of Social Media Marketing in Healthcare

Benefits of Social Media Marketing in Healthcare
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Benefits of Social Media Marketing in Healthcare

Whether you like it or not, the impact social media has on our lives is growing. From keeping up-to-date with the latest news, to reuniting with old friends, social media connects us to both people and content like never before.

A fundamental principle of marketing is understanding where peoples attention lies and exploiting these channels to communicating your message. With the average person spending over 12 hours per week on social media, it is imperative we fully leverage these channels to maximise marketing R.O.I.

In Healthcare marketing, social media presents the opportunity to revolutionise the patient experience. Below we discuss the benefits of social media marketing in healthcare:

  1. Generate Conversation. Online health communities are increasingly becoming an important part of the patients journey, providing reassurance in a safe altruistic environment. When patients converse with other patients online, greater levels of trust are seen as a they share empathy, as they both suffer from the same illness. Social media can be used as a platform to encourage conversation between patients, without seeming artificial or forced.
  2. Brand Recognition. The importance of brand recognition in healthcare cannot be overstated. More so than any other industry, trust is essential to patient engagement as the risks are so incredibly high. For most people, their health, along with the health of their friends and family is of upmost importance. Social media advertising can be used to establish your brand as a market leader within the mind of potential patients. The grater brand equity you hold, the more likely a patient will engage with your services.
  3. Cost-Efficient. The big-data social media companies collect on users enables micro-targeting of market segments. This means that any money spent on paid advertisements can be targeted specifically to audiences that are likely to engage. This means that less money is required to gain the same level of engagement, as only those who may benefit from your product/service are targeted. Furthermore, organic social media usage is entirely free, if you post engaging and relevant content, patients will engage without the need to pay to advertise.
  4. Keeping Patients Up-To-Date. It is now well recognised that the provision of healthcare goes beyond the four walls of the clinic. By taking an active role on social media, it allows your patients to keep up-to-date with practice news, clinical trial opportunities and new medical discoveries that may not be discussed in a brief clinical encounter.

For more information of the power of social media marketing in healthcare, read ‘the benefits of influencer marketing in healthcare and pharmaceuticals‘.

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